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I'm a Texas-based wedding and lifestyle photographer. My passion is capturing sweet weddings and fun-loving, adventurous couples! Whether your dream is to elope to the mountains of Switzerland, tie the knot with your closest friends and family in the Texas Hill Country, or get your flirt on for a fun engagement session, I'd love to be there. I strongly believe that a couple needs to click with their photographer, so I'd love to get to know you!

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This business is the product of many years behind a camera and three different jobs in my first three years out of college. Point blank - I didn't think I could do this. It wasn't until my final job before Bonner Rhae Photography was born that I finally started to be able to picture this as something that could be my reality. I was working for a PR firm who had started contracting me out to do photography for their clients. I gained so much experience very quickly and it wasn't long before I started to feel a pull towards this little business. It was scary, y'all. There's never a good time to uproot your career and a steady pay check and choose to start from ground zero. Jesus eventually made it VERY clear in his own special way that this was exactly what he had for me. Along with immense support from my husband, I set out on one of my most favorite adventures yet, and BRP was founded in June of 2017.


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It's simple. I capture sweet kisses, happy tears, joyous smiles, and giddy laughter. The little moments are the one's you'll look back on and cherish forever. Your images should be such that you will frame them in your home for years to come.


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Planning a wedding is hard work no matter if you're planning a big grand party, or a small and sweet gathering. Your photos are one of the few things from your wedding day that will last for a lifetime, so don't you want to make sure you can remember all the little details? Wedding photography is so much more than just firing off a camera. It's capturing the quiet tears of mom as she zips up your dress. It's the styling of the little things in a way that captures meaning. It's gathering someone else's memories that they'll cherish forever.

Portrait sessions are more than just taking some beautiful photos. They're about having a flirty hour with your fiance during the craziness of wedding planning. They're a mother-daughter date as we capture beautiful portraits of you all dressed up in your bridal gown. They're a laughter-filled family session that brings everyone together. I want these sessions to mean so much more than just "those pictures you have to take." If you like laughing really hard, enjoy basking in some good old fresh air, and don't mind me following you around with a huge camera, give me call!  

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