Kendalia Dance Halle Wedding

To be honest, this was my very first wedding, but when I got a new website I lost all my blog posts and I just had to put this one back up. I’m still so proud of what this wedding meant for me, and still so humbled that Jon and Audrey not only knew this would be my first, but were so excited to be my first. I could not have asked for a better first bride. Audrey is easy going, gracious, kind, and radiates joy. Jon is the nicest guy and loves his girl big time. I’ll never forget our little pre-wedding hang out, when Jon started out a little quiet, but then I asked him to tell me about the proposal. Y’all – this guy LIT UP. He loves to talk about Audrey and truly delights in his bride. To say I’m thankful they were my first couple would be a huge understatement. Audrey and Jon, I LOVE Y’ALL.

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