Meagan’s Senior Session

Senior portraits aren’t exactly my “main thing” as you might say, but I’m a Young Life leader, so I get asked a lot. It’s a fun way to get to spend some more time with my high school friends, and even get to know some more of their friends. Meagan was one of my girls that consistently showed up, and I just love her to pieces!

I like to do a couple things with my senior sessions… I love to encourage my seniors to bring their funniest friend to the session. This gets us some genuine laughs, and makes it feel more like we’re just hanging out. It helps take away some of that awkward pressure of being the center of the camera’s attention. I get it…I’m a photographer and I still feel that same pressure! Since bestie is there, I aLwAyS get a picture of them together. I get them to goof off for the camera together and BOOM. Suddenly my senior is feeling a lot more comfortable. The other thing I like to do is get a sweet photo with mom (or dad) if she came along. When they go off to college, they’re going to miss home, and I like to make sure they have a sweet, quality photo to put up in their dorm.

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