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summer girl, Lover of jesus, wife to my college sweetheart, mom to the best pup 

This business is the product of many years behind a camera and three different jobs in my first three years out of college. Point blank - I didn't think I could do this. It wasn't until my final job before Bonner Rhae Photography was born that I finally started to be able to picture this as something that could be my reality. I was working for a PR firm who had started contracting me out to do photography for their clients. I gained so much experience very quickly and it wasn't long before I started to feel a pull towards this little business. It was scary, y'all. There's never a good time to uproot your career and a steady pay check and choose to start from ground zero. Jesus eventually made it VERY clear in his own special way that this was exactly what he had for me. Along with immense support from my husband, I set out on one of my most favorite adventures yet, and BRP was founded in June of 2017.

I've loved photography for years, but i never thought it would be my career.



travel europe with my husband
capture a destination wedding
learn to sew as well as my mom
record an album
meet miranda lambert (unashamed fangirl)
train my pup to be a therapy dog

bucket list

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wife, camera toter, lead designer, cheerleader, dreamer, dinner maker, late night snacker


husband, brp's personal accountant, design assistant, encourager, reality checker, dish doer, nap taker, total babe


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college sweethearts

My brother introduced me to Ben when I was a sophomore and he was a freshman at Texas A&M. I instantly started crushing. After begging my sorority little (Hey, Allison!) to ask his twin to our next date party so that I could ask Ben, we quickly started to spend a lot of time together. I tell my Young Life girls that if you think you might "know," then you don't know, because when you "know," YOU KNOW. I knew. I knew really early on that this was my guy. I knew through his silly freshman antics and bad hairstyle choices. We dated through college and got to experience so much of growing up together. I look back on those years and cherish them so deeply. After I graduated, we dated long distance as Ben finished his senior year and grad school year. Ben proposed on a gorgeous foggy morning overlooking Canyon Lake, and surprised me with all my friends and family  there to celebrate us. We were married at Hidden Falls on June 4, 2016, and the fabulous Hannah Mayson Photography  captured our day.

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